Elysium is a plane of ultimate tranquility. The spirits that reside here cannot be summoned or controlled, for they are at final rest. Any powers who live here answer only those callings that they deem worthy (or profitable).

The four Realms of Elysium are dominated by the river Oceanus, which begins in the fourth and outer most Realm and flows down to the inner most Realm (the Realm nearest the Astral). From there, the Oceanus meanders into The Beastlands and then into Olympus where it empties into Poseidon's Realm (Aquallor) in Olympus. There are many creatures that live in the Oceanus, including nymphs similar to those found on the Prime. The river separates and combines several times along its passage and the rate of its flow also varies throughout the Realms (due to rapids and pools and obstructions and such).

The lands of Elysium are fertile along the banks of the Oceanus, filled with pines and sweet smelling flowering trees. Farther from the river, the vegetation becomes sparser, but no less rich, until rolling grasslands are reached some thousands of miles from the river. These grasslands eventually give way to arid regions of protruding rock formations. None know what may lay beyond these arid lands as some force eventually begins to repel even the most powerful beings.

The only way to travel between the Realms of Elysium is by following the Oceanus. This can be a lengthy endeavor as the Oceanus meanders torturously and sometimes backtracks for hundreds of miles.

The sky of Elysium ranges in color from an almost solid indigo to robins-egg blue, depending on the number of glowing orbs in the sky, which are called Morai. There is no day or night in the conventional sense, but there is a definite pattern of illuminance and darkness that varies depending on the number of Morai in the sky. The Morai are like lamps that move up and down throughout Elysium. The greater the numbers of them that are closer to the ground, the lighter it is. When most of the Morai are far up in the sky it is dark and they appear as small moons hovering in the night sky. Sometime, though, there are strange combinations such as a few Morai clustered together close to the ground while all others are far up in the sky. This creates islands of light in a seemingly endless nightscape.

The spirits that inhabit Elysium are those who perished for the cause of good, did great deeds in their lives, and/or made grave sacrifices for the good of others. Also, here are the heroes of good who have been spared from death and brought to this place at the wishes of the Gods. The spirits here have been granted an existence without care, need, or responsibility. The Elysian Fields are their final resting place.

Elysium is home of many creatures native to the Upper Planes, including the Phoenix. Moon Dogs, in particular, are numerous throughout the Realms.


Amoria is the inner most Realm of Elysium and is closest to the Astral. The description of the banks of the Oceanus applies best to this plane. Portals to other planes appear as dark caverns, though only the most powerful divination spells can reveal where they lead to. Those caverns that swallow the flow of the Oceanus lead to The Beastlands. How long it takes to travel through one of these caverns varies. There is no guarantee that these passages are navigable by boat.


Eronia is a mountainous region where the Oceanus is often broken by falls, cascades, and tremendous rapids. The banks of the Oceanus here are sheer and of gray rock, though the life around the banks is as profuse as in Amoria. Among these mountains can be found nearly impossibly beautiful gems. Moradin is known to frequent these mountains and several of the other Dwarven Chthonoi live here.


Belierin is a wide, flat region where the banks of the Oceanus mingle with marshes and swamps that stretch for tens or hundreds of miles before reliably solid ground can be found. There are many large islands in the Oceanus in this Realm. Farther from shore, away from the marshes, ancient and vast fortresses of unknown origin lay abandoned.


Thalasia is the great sea from which the Oceanus flows and eventually returns to. The only dry land in this Realm consists of scattered archipelagos of small tropical islands.


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