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  • Elysium

    Elysium is a plane of ultimate tranquility. The spirits that reside here cannot be summoned or controlled, for they are at final rest. Any powers who live here answer only those callings that they deem worthy (or profitable).

    The four Realms …

  • The Beastlands

    The Beastlands consist of three Realms, each very similar to each other, and arranged in a nested circular pattern with one Realm in the center, the next on its perimeter, and the third on the outer border. All three Realms are densely forested, though …

  • Olympus

    Olympus is the home of the Hellenic Gods and other members of that pantheon. The plane itself is spherical, just like a planet, but on a much grander scale. Relative distance doesn't seem to apply here, but it is known by some Gods that to traverse …

  • Abyss

    The Abyss, as its name implies, is an infinite, unending expanse of barrenness, despair, and evil. It is the birthing place of the Demons and home to the many Demon Lords. The appearance of the Abyss varies greatly from place to place; it is much like …

  • Gehenna

    Gehenna is known as The Nine Hells due to the nine realms which are governed by the nine Lords of the Nine Towers. The Plane itself is a massive disc, many thousands of miles across and hundreds of miles thick, that floats in an endless expanse of red, …

  • Cosmology


    All of Existence is made up of eight primal Forces. These Forces govern all things, even the Planes of Existence. They are:

    • Time
    • Space
  • Tartarus

    Tartarus is a plane of ultimate Evil. It is one of the most accessible planes (to the living, that is), mainly because it is the midpoint of the River Styx, but also because the foundation of Mount of Olympus exists here.

    The Realms of …