All of Existence is made up of eight primal Forces. These Forces govern all things, even the Planes of Existence. They are:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Magic
  • Elements
  • Order
  • Chaos
  • Good
  • Evil

Each Force is opposed by another, except for Time and Space, which combine together, and upon which the other Forces need to exist. The Forces which oppose each other are:

  • Magic and the Elements
  • Order and Chaos
  • Good and Evil

This opposition creates a balance in all things, which in this campaign is vaguely representative of the Hellenic idea of Necessity. Necessity is the agent by which all things happen.

Planes of Existence

The Planes of Existence were created by Necessity and are made up of a combination of Good, Evil, Order, and Chaos. The Planes metaphysically surround the Prime, but not the Astral. They are not bound to the Prime or Astral in any physical way. These Planes are a mix of the Upper, Lower, and Material planes from the AD&D cosmology, although they are most commonly referred to as the Outer Planes.

The six Planes of Existence, and their primary Forces are:

Upper Planes

Lower Planes

The Astral

The Astral Plane is the endless expanse of Space and Time, within which Necessity and the Planes exist. It binds the Planes together.

The Prime

The Earth floats in an area of the Astral known as the Prime, which is a sort of an Astral crossroads. It is here where Necessity and all of the Forces combine to create a balance necessary for mortal life to flourish.

The Aether

The Aether is the everything and nothingness from which all things came to be. It is the Aether from which sprang Necessity and the eight Forces, and within which the Astral exists. In some circles, it is known as Oblivion.


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