The Beastlands

The Beastlands consist of three Realms, each very similar to each other, and arranged in a nested circular pattern with one Realm in the center, the next on its perimeter, and the third on the outer border. All three Realms are densely forested, though its forests vary from taiga, temperate, and tropical and include deciduous, coniferous, a mix of both, and many alien reaches of huge expanses of hanging moss, grass forests, and vast regions of giant fungi and mushrooms. Seasons in the Beastlands tend to wander about certain areas in semi-circular patterns as pockets of winter, spring, summer, and fall. Season and weather in one area do not seem to affect seasons and weather in adjacent regions. While each of the Realms are similar in content, they can be distinguished by their skies.

All spells and special abilities function in the Beastlands except those that summon or control animals and plants and those that attempt any control over winds, weather, or air.

The Beastlands boast nearly every type of creature that is native to the Upper Planes. But these beings are vastly outnumbered by the animal-like kingdoms that make this plane their home. These animal-like kingdoms include most Prime animals (past and present) and their giant versions as well.

The native animals of the Beastlands are far more intelligent than those of the Prime. All native animals are sentient to some degree; Every animal here has a self-awareness, and while it varies depending on the complexity of the animal, this never interferes with the natural order on the plane. Most of the higher animals are capable of speech and some can even wield magic.


The Chthonoi of the Elves and Dwarves make their homes in the Beastlands. The Elven Chthonoi live in any of the three Realms as do the Dwarven Chthonoi, but the Dwarven Chthonoi tend to congregate at their ancestral mountain home in Brux.

Pan often frequents the Beastlands to visit with Skerrit, the Forester, the God of the centaurs, who makes his home here. Skerrit's home is a series of interlocking meadows and glades. He is served by the spirits of satyrs and centaurs. Apollo visits Kilgara on many occasions to bask in its eternal sunlight. Artemis, like Skerrit, lives in the Beastlands, though her palace is in Karasuthra.

Mortal humanoid beings in the Beastlands are treated as temporary settlers at best, invaders at worst.


Krigala is the innermost and best known Realm of the Beastlands, primarily because it is often the arrival point of most Astral travelers. This Realm is continually lit by a mid-day sun, a great orb that remains fixed over the center of the Realm. The warmth of this sun varies sharply depending on what season or weather "pocket" the traveler is in. The farther away from the center of Krigala a traveler goes, the lower the sun appears to be in the horizon.

The river Oceanus flows through Krigala in a relatively straight course (compared to its tortured winding path in the Elysium Fields) towards Olympus. Portals to the Upper Planes usually appear as large openings in hollow trees, but the same tree type always leads to the same plane (silver plated beeches always lead to Olympus, for example).


Brux is the middle Realm of the Beastlands and differs from Krigala only in its sky, which is colored by the perpetually setting/rising sun of Krigala. Karasuthra's moon looms over the far horizon. As a traveler approaches Karasuthra, Krigala's sun sinks in the sky and its brightness dims, while Karasuthra's moon rises full on the far horizon, but wanes until it disappears altogether.


Karasuthra is the Beastland's outer most Realm. This is a Realm of starlit night (though cloud cover and fog do exist). The stars of this realm are not moored in the sky – they slowly wander in a random fashion that defies all studies.

While Karasuthra is known as the outer most Realm of the Beastlands, this can be somewhat deceiving. One of the strangest things about the Beastlands is that if a traveler starts at the very center of Krigala and travels in any direction in a somewhat straight line he will eventually pass into Brux and then into Karasuthra. However, Karasuthra has no outer boundary. If the traveler continued on his straight course, he would eventually pass back into Brux and then back into Kilgara and wind back up at the very center of the Beastlands. If the Beastlands were a sphere, like Olympus, this wouldn't be so strange, but the Beastlands aren't a sphere; aside from topographical features, the beast lands are completely flat.

The Beastlands

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